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Family and Consumer Science and Wellness
Family and Consumer Science
The goal of the Family and Consumer Science Department is to help students develop into responsible and productive adults by introducing them to life-related skills that they need to succeed in society.  The courses cover all traditional topics but also stress current topics such as self-esteem, health and wellness, career information, options to resolve conflicts, parenting and family economics. The skills gained in certain courses may be cultivated into careers.  Students can pursue higher education in areas such as early childhood education, dietary science, food service, fashion design, interior design, and consumerism. 

Health and Physical Education
The goal of personal wellness is to allow students to view health issues from a holistic perspective in which all interrelated aspects of human growth are considered:  physical, emotional, social, environmental and cognitive.  Course work provides students with the knowledge and the opportunity to explore ways to take positive actions towards their own health and wellness and to develop skills that will allow them to resist peer pressure, to resolve conflicts and to manage stress effectively.  The Physical Education portion of these programs is designed to have the students learn and put to use the practices of a healthy lifestyle.  Through hard work, sportsmanship (socially accepted practices), team work and honesty, students will have the opportunity to develop self-confidence, friendships and leadership skills.

Discussion Topics
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Department Announcements
Any extra help is available from 6:45-7:10 every morning (except Day 3) as well as during Extended Block. Extra help is also available most Wednesday after school.

Any extra help is available from 7:00-7:20 every morning, as well as during EXTENDED BLOCK

Department Contacts
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+ Bazinet, Matthew
+ Cimoch, Maureen
+ Izzo, Sarah
+ Naughton, Keary
+ Racicot, Diane
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